challenge (m). Referring to objectives or efforts that are hard to do, making them a stimulus or challenge for those who attempt them.
At Elewit we pose challenges because:
We look for solutions that can be quickly implemented
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We want to upgrade our assets, data and operations
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We want to create new spaces for interaction and exchange
Open Challenges:
Design of innovative pylons for the Spanish power transmission grid
[Until 19 April]


RED ELÉCTRICA de España (hereinafter REE) develops the power transmission grid based on the actions contained in the "Energy Planning. Plan for the Development of the Electricity Transmission Grid", building new transmission grid frastructures, mainly for 400 and 220 kV voltage levels in the Spanish mainland power system, and 220, 132 and 66 kV in the island power systems.

For the aforementioned development of transmission grid, power line designs have traditionally based on the use of self-supporting steel lattice towers, where the electrical conductors are attached, made up of laminated steel angles and assembled by bolts and nuts.

What are we looking for?

REE is currently conducting R&D&I programmes in search of innovative designs and technologies to traditional steel lattice supports for the development of the transmission grid. The main objective is the exploration of new proposals that promotes the evolution, modernization and sustainability of these infrastructures as they play an essential role in the power supply of the society.

The objective of this challenge is to present new pylons designs for the development of the power transmission grid operating at voltages of voltages of 400, 220, 132 and 66 kV and that represents an alternative to the currently used option based on self-supporting metallic lattice pylons. Designs that are applicable to all or some of the indicated voltages may be submitted.

What do we offer?

The selected finalists will be announced via Elewit’s website and company profiles in social media, providing recognition and visibility to the team and proposal. The finalist will have the opportunity to present the proposal to Red Electrica Groups experts and a dedicated event might be organised for this purpose. The winner will receive an award valued on €10,000. In addition, the winner will have the possibility to implement an innovation project to progress in the proposed design, option conditioned to the value of the proposed solution. The organization preserves the possibility to declare the challenge null and void in case none of the proposal does not fulfil the minimal desired requirements.

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Past Challenges:
Continuous monitoring systems for contaminating SF6 by-products in high-voltage equipment of the Electricity Transmission Grid
[Closed challenge]


SF6 is a widely used gas in the electricity industry due to its great electrical insulation capacity. This gas is present in many high-voltage components, mainly switches (both insulated with air and with SF6) and enclosures of the rest of the live elements and switchgear of GIS substations (gas insulated switchgear), where it is present in considerable quantities, usually with absolute pressure of 7 bars, but it can reach up to 9 bars. Maintaining this insulating gas in optimal conditions below certain limits of impurities is essential for the proper functioning of the network.

The current procedure to analyse impurities in SF6 requires the uploading of the equipment (shutting down the facility) and taking samples to be analysed.

The need identified is to develop efficient systems (technically and financially) to monitor the contaminating by-products of the SF6 present in these elements on demand and with the equipment available, without needing any discharge, in order to prevent untimely failures in the insulation, resulting in incidents in the network or potentially dangerous situations for the personnel working in the above-mentioned facilities.

What are we looking for?

The present challenge is to analyse and propose viable and efficient solutions, technically and financially, to continuously monitor the polluting elements present in SF6.

Within the technical aspects, it should be noted that the proposed solution must not require a modification in the design of the high voltage switchgear or compromise the functionality of the gas, so the solution cannot be invasive and must respect the internal volumes and pressures of the compartments containing the gas, as well as the high temperatures that can be reached in small traces of the gas as a result of the energy transmitted to it; only sight glasses, valves, covers, density meters or similar elements may be used to house the proposed sensor system.

Another important technical aspect to highlight is that the solution must be suitable to function in a very demanding work environment in terms of pressure, high magnetic field gradients, the possibility of over voltages, high temperatures, and the like... (those of a high voltage facility of 400 or 220 kV). All this combined with limited space availability due to equipment design limitations.

The solution developed should decisively contribute to improve the reliability of the electricity transmission grid by monitoring the state of the SF6 insulation, which will anticipate possible failures of the facilities and the development of better maintenance strategies resulting in the improvement in the availability and useful life of the equipment as well as saving the company money. Therefore, it is essential that the proposed solution not only detects anomalies in the insulation, but also provides information allowing the root cause of the anomaly to be described as accurately as possible in a reliable and selective way (which may result in the detection of more than one component).

What do we offer?

The possibility of starting your project in the infrastructures of Red Eléctrica de España, under the guidance and support of our team of professionals.

And the winner is…

The winner is the solution proposed by the Nanophotonics Technology Center de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV). We will work on a proof of concept to test the viability of their solution.

Data Challenge
[Closed challenge]

Why Data Challenge?

We want to make the inspection of assets more efficient on all levels. Although artificial vision is an essential part of our road map, it is not the only one.

What are we looking for?

Business and companies fascinated by automated visual inspections, to help our maintenance team for electricity lines to automate their analysis and to identify issues. There is more than one way to do it. Artificial intelligence, automatic learning, computerised vision, etc. without forgetting to improve the key areas of the process (automation, damage classification and types of faults, optimisation of the results, etc.). These tools will become part of the patented next-generation SW suite that will speed up the workflow for any type of inspection.


What do we offer?

A trampoline to become an official supplier. We will make a preliminary selection of up to 5 innovative solutions and companies who will compete in the proposal request phase that will start in the month of September. At the end of this stage, we will choose the startup to become our main provider of artificial vision. The experts of the Red Eléctrica Group will provide assistance to the companies throughout the process.

Uninterruptible Power Supply System in Transmission Grid Supports
[Closed challenge]


We want find solutions to guarantee the connectivity of IoT devices and to bring different telecommunications services to rural areas far from auxiliary supply systems, taking advantage of the existing infrastructure.

What are we looking for?

Innovative solutions capable of supplying uninterrupted power to electronic equipment with a power of between 5 and 6 kW on supports of the electrical energy transmission grid near these areas. The proposed solutions must be:

  • Sustainable, so they cannot be based on generators that use fossil fuels
  • Efficient, trying to minimize the necessary maintenance
  • Safe, so that the energy transported by the lines can be used, but there cannot be direct electrical contact with them to avoid any interaction with the operation of the electrical system during its installation, operation and maintenance
  • Reliable, so that the continuity of the service is ensured



What do we offer?

Drive your project in the infrastructure of Red Eléctrica de España, under the guidance and mentoring of our team of professionals.