Our formula

Nine key challenges to speed up change and nine key technologies to make it possible.

Our nine key challenges
  • Sensorization and digitalization of assets through IOT and other techniques like Lidar, photogrametry, etc.
  • Improve efficiency in engineering and construction projects through digitalization and simulation tools
  • Advanced models of management for construction
  • Automation of inspection, analysis and diagnosis of infrastructures and support for decision making
  • Use of drones and robotics to automate physical tasks
  • Field survey technologies and Geographic Information Management Systems
  • Advanced systems of monitorization, simulation, protection and control and estimation of other system parameters
  • Optimize TSO-DSO coordination schemes Increase grid controlability and forecasting of operative limits
  • Improve algorythms, models and simulation tools to get better demand and generation forecastings
  • Complementary services for a safe operation of the system and automation and early detection of potential problems Improve renewables prediction and characterization
  • Circular economy to identify solutions to increase the life of our assets and infrastructures
  • Reduce gas emissions and find alternatives for SF6 gas
  • Advanced systems of autonomous power for power lines Improve energetic efficiency in our facilities
  • Storage systems and renewable energies for ancillary consumptions
  • New designs and solutions to integrate our infrastructures in local environments and increase social acceptance
  • Use of energy storage systems
  • Increase observability of self-consumption and DG
  • Promote use of electric vehicle and other mechanisms to pair consumption with needs of the system
  • Monitorization and characterization of EV and its demand Improve integrated planning with other networks
  • Coordination with other vectors and conversion technologies
  • New markets and business models to integrate flexibility resources into the system (demand, GD, other vectors...)
  • Alternative uses for our current infraestructures (towers) and new business models around them
  • New opportunities by using our electrical assets and other industries or stakeholders to provide new services
  • Identification of synergies between TSO assets and knowledge and satellites technologies
  • Leverage of system operator data and knowledge to create new application and information services for the citizen
  • Smart cities: improve connectivity in cities to facilitate new services and opportunities for citizens
  • Smart towns: bring connectivity to small towns and rural areas through 5G and satellites opportunities
  • Advanced analytics through IOT and connected devices to provide energy information to citizens
  • Facilitate the involvement of the citizen as an active agent of the electric system
  • Leverage new sector and telecom trends to generate new businesses and added value services from Hispasat
  • Connected worker: monitorization, tracking and remote assistance of field workers
  • Systems and applications to improve risk prevention
  • Improve training and assistance in construction and maintenance activities through AR and VR
  • Increase access to information in real time to avoid human accidents
  • Automation of monitorization and individual support to employees
  • Grid, IOT and cloud security and control of accesses
  • OT security: protection of physical access
  • SCADA security and data centers protection
  • User behaviour and attacks prevention
  • Data security, encryption, GDPR...
  • Network analytics and business continuity
  • Cyberincidents management
  • Monitorization and cyberintelligence
  • Improve our administration tasks and processes more efficient with more productive tools and solutions
  • Promote digitalization of documents and signature protocols to make our processes faster
  • Optimize the projects planning phases for management teams through better priorization and prediction
  • Promote and facilitate the access to core knowledge
  • Improve communication between different teams and departments and promote collaboration
  • Automate text analysis to extract insights in a faster way
Our nine key technologies
  • Sensors
  • IOT communications
  • Edge computing
  • Digital twin
  • Wearables
  • Satellite-based services
  • 5G and IOT by satellite
  • Earth observation
  • New materials and designs
  • Micro antennas for 5G and nanotechnology
  • Hyperautomation
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Computer vision
  • Neural Language Processing
  • UAVs
  • Robots
  • Physical assistants
  • Drones, RPAS
  • Business applications
  • Analytics services
  • Data ingestion, storage & management
  • API & Orchestration
  • Traceability
  • Data visualization
  • Advanced analytics
  • Apification
  • Clustering
  • Data lakes
  • Synthetic data
  • Monitoring and control solutions (DLR...)
  • Power electronics
  • Energy Storage
  • Sector coupling solutions
  • Enhanced high voltage equipment
  • New solutions and designs for substations and transmission grid assets
  • New materials and and designs for power lines
  • Optical sensing and other non-conventional measurement systems
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Haptics and sensorial devices
  • AI-powered systems protection
  • IT cibersecurity
  • OT security for physical assets
  • Ransomware, malware and attacks
  • Privacity and data compliance
We are Elewit
Silvia Bruno
Chief Innovation&Technology Officer
Elena de Benavides
Head of Corporate Venture & Innovation Ecosystems
Pablo Martín
Head of Innovation Lab
Miguel Lorenzo
Innovation Manager
Diana Ortega
Innovation Strategic Alliance Manager
Roberto Gómez
Corporate Venture Programs Manager
Fernando Blaya
CVC Portfolio Manager
Alfonso Carranza de las Heras
CVC Investment Manager
Alberto Escalera
Innovation Manager
Iago Veiras
Artificial Intelligence Partner
Francisco Javier Martín
5G Tech Manager
Carlos Rodríguez
IoT Partner
Óscar García
Growth Product Manager
María Piñole
Innovation Operations Manager
Cristina Domínguez
Innovation Event Planner & Assistant

Our Commitment

As a technology platform for Redeia, Elewit is responsible for driving energy transition and connectivity to create a sustainable future. To this end, it offers solutions to the new challenges facing the electricity and telecommunications sectors, always acting in accordance with its founding principles, ethics and compliance, to ensure the proper operation of its activities. This means acting with full integrity in honouring obligations and commitments with which the company has entrusted it, as well as in its relations and collaboration with stakeholders.

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Code of Ethics and Conduct, a commitment by all of us

Redeia has a Code of Ethics and Conduct that provides the reference framework to ensure responsible management and the ethical conduct of the members of the organisation in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. The Code contains the corporate values and business conduct guidelines to be followed, formulated through principles and commitments, and constitutes a firm commitment by the Company to ethical and transparent management as the engine to consolidate its image and achieve an enhanced reputation. In accordance with the commitments contained within its Code of Ethics and Conduct, Redeia has an Ethics and Compliance Channel to make any enquiries or report any breach of the Code.

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