Inmersive technologies and robotic
We are committed to systems based on virtual, augmented or extended reality, in environments such as the metaverse or the use of robotics and RPAs (drones).

We take it as an opportunity for machines to automatically perform tasks which may be dangerous or difficult for humans. The goal is to develop robotics towards self-sufficiency, with human inspired sensing capabilities, such as vision and touch that allow, on the one hand, mobility in an unstructured environment and, on the other hand, coexistence with humans in substations.

Our projects
Key challenge

To improve network development and asset management efficiency



Inspección visual de instalaciones

A network of cameras with different vision spectrums has been implemented at the Morvedre converter station, attached to the Morvedre-400kV substation, to inspect the state of the different elements of the substation, detect SF6 leaks, identify and record partial discharges and identify and control hot spots in any element of the installation.

The images captured are analysed and processed by the Edge Computing located in the same installation, applying artificial vision algorithms to report data of interest for the operation and maintenance of the substation to the different users in real time and without supervision.

To minimise the camera network, all of them are motorised with pan-tilt and some are located in fixed locations while others are housed in AGV robots to facilitate the inspection of elements that are more difficult to access. 

PHASES: Incubation




• Use of autonomous robots in a transmission substation
• Use of Edge Computing in a substation
• Implementation of SF6 detection cameras and partial discharge detection cameras in robots
• Implementation of 5G communications in all elements of the system
• Implementation of artificial vision for the analysis of the inspection carried out both from the robot and from fixed cameras with different vision spectrum