We enhance innovation by actively supporting the creation, adoption, and market launch of new solutions.

Our main focus is to develop innovative projects that bring value and possess appropriate technical feasibility, transforming them into marketable products or services. To do so, we closely collaborate with professionals from Redeia companies and actively engage with the innovation ecosystem, fostering an ideal environment for innovation in our field and supporting our collaborators' growth.



1. Knowledge and Experience

To transform ideas into tangible solutions, we harness the extensive expertise of Redeia's professionals.

Elewit's team of experts thoroughly assesses the potential suitability of innovative proposals with respect to Redeia's lines of action and roadmap. We provide unique guidance from professionals who specialize in managing constantly growing and evolving critical infrastructure.


2. Validation and Adoption

We facilitate the development and validation of innovative proposals by offering new use cases or applications, allowing us to test their viability in a relevant environment.

Services and products undergo thorough testing within our organization, and we advocate for the adoption of the obtained solutions within Redeia once the industrialization process is completed.


3. Momentum and Growth

We transform the initial idea into a tangible solution that can become part of Redeia's portfolio of adopted solutions.

This pivotal step adds value to the outcomes achieved after industrializing an innovation project. At Elewit, we are dedicated to adding value to the final solution, enabling it to reach greater heights in the market.