At the Elewit Lab, we turn ideas into products. We transform challenges into solutions.

We are catalysts for internal innovation in Redeia. We make the most of outside talent and the power of disruptive technologies to develop innovative solutions to meet the challenges of energy transition and digital transformation with success.

Accompaniment at every stage
We streamline innovation process in all its phases from ideas, regardless their maturity, all the way to commercial solutions.

1 Exploration

Along with Elewit’s Open Innovation team and the business units, we explore ideas and solutions to offer answers to the Group’s challenges. We exercise continuous technological surveillance

2 Conceptualisation

We assess opportunities by their strategic feasibility and interest for the business units. We develop the best ideas through conceptualisation to complete and adopt them.

3 Incubation

Later, these ideas will go through an incubation phase that will enable us to create minimum viable products efficiently and quickly.

4 Industrialisation

These minimum viable products will pass through a scaling up phase in which the product will be industrialised. We manage and develop the project by enabling the termination and approval of the final product or service.

5 Deployment and sales

If the value offered and the technical feasibility are acceptable, we obtain a product or service with potential for internal deployment in the Group or to sell to third parties.