Advanced Asset Management Solution (SAGA)

Revolutionise the processes of managing electrical grid assets thanks to this intelligent solution, resulting on more efficient and digitalised asset maintenance and replacement activity planning.

SAGA allows the evolution from the traditional, frequency-based maintenance towards the predictive maintenance, based on the assets’ condition and on the overall risk of the grid. It is a technological solution developed by Elewit and based on IBM’s artificial intelligence.

A secure future for your assets

Don’t wait for your equipment to fail, and extend its working life. The SAGA solution enables you to move towards predictive maintenance, based on the condition of your assets and the overall risk of the network.

Boost your analytical, prescriptive and cognitive business skills by using this technological solution backed by the know-how of two leading TSOs: Red Eléctrica and Elia.

Watch this 1 minute video in which Silvia Bruno, director of Elewit, details the advantages of SAGA. Available in Spanish.

SAGA's capabilities

1. Manage your assets

SAGA allows you to know the current state and estimate the future condition of assets thanks to advanced data analytics algorithms combined with artificial intelligence that calculate their health, risk, impact and probability of failure.

Based on this analysis, the system proposes the necessary maintenance and renewal needs, based on business rules, to ensure the optimal maintenance of each individual asset, including the necessary associated unavailability.


2. Plan your activity

Simulates and analyses different planning scenarios to make better decisions. It generates holistic and optimised planning of maintenance and renewal activity based on overall network risk, monitors its execution and makes necessary adjustments.

This holistic view generates efficiencies, minimises annual downtime and overall network risk, optimises necessary outage requests and improves coordination with other business units.


With the know-how of two leading TSOs

SAGA was created in 2017 as an internal innovation project for digital transformation at Red Eléctrica. These developments enabled the company’s strategies to include maintenance based on the overall risk of the network. Today, Red Eléctrica and Elia – two leading TSOs in asset management - have combined their expertise and know-how to join together and participate in the future growth and development of AAMS.

An alliance between two leaders

Elewit x IBM

Elewit and IBM work together in promoting AAMS. A unique alliance of two leaders in the energy and IT sectors to help companies in the industry to solve the most demanding challenges in their business.

Know the potential of SAGA in this 2 minute video. Available in Spanish.