Platform for Automatic Partial Discharge Interpretation (PdEye)

PdEye is a disruptive solution in the field of predictive maintenance, specifically designed to identify early-stage functional anomalies in critical assets within the electricity grid.

By continuously monitoring critical variables, PdEye uses artificial intelligence to make calculations and analyse the health of electricity grid assets.

This is thanks to its capacity to detect partial discharges—small discharges that are often an early warning sign of more severe incidents—which allows for proactive maintenance planning.

An alternative to inspections

PdEye assesses the health of critical infrastructure assets in real time without the need for manual testing.

PDEye's capabilities

1. Identify the assets you need to monitor

PdEye's adaptable nature allows for monitoring partial discharges in a wide range of critical assets.


2. Real-time Monitoring

Once deployed, PdEye transmits crucial variables that characterize the asset's health status, enabling the planning of necessary maintenance tasks.


With the approval of a world-leading TSO

PdEye was born in 2021 as an internal innovation project at Red Eléctrica in collaboration with Ampacimon. The developments and results obtained laid the groundwork for what is now a solution that is part of the maintenance tools used by Redeia's maintenance unit.

A forward-looking partnership

Elewit X Ampacimon

Elewit and Ampacimon are working together to enhance the value of PDEye in the market, forming an alliance that allows the system operator to complement all their maintenance methodologies and evolve their incident prevention model.

Ampacimon is one of the leading companies in the monitoring of power grids and has implemented the largest number of dynamic line rating systems worldwide. Their patented developments and technologies enhance the capacity of existing transmission and distribution systems while monitoring critical asset health conditions and identifying mechanical and electrical failures.