“It needs to transform together, so that the energy can continue to flow from production to consumption”

Commitment to and development in innovation are important factors in achieving global objectives in terms of energy efficiency and connectivity. That is why, at Elewit, we promote explorations that seek technological solutions that bring us closer to the objective we have in the energy and telecommunications sector. Our partners are a key element for us as they provide us with their strategic vision to achieve a better, more sustainable and inclusive future. This is the case of Ampacimon, a company that implements technology to optimize system operation by increasing the flexibility and resilience of existing transmission and distribution systems by monitoring critical asset health conditions and identifying mechanical and electrical faults.

1.- You are leaders in DLR (Dynamic Line Rating) systems. How do these systems work?

By measuring the critical parameters for safe and accurate thermal ratings: the sag, temperature, current and wind cooling effect. The real time rating is calculated using these measurements at spans along a transmission line that are identified as being the critical constraints. These real time ratings are used as benchmark to improve forecast ratings with AI/ML algorithms. The real time and forecast ratings are integrated into TSOs’ SCADA/EMS, dispatch and market operation processes to derive benefit from having extra grid capacity.

2.- What advantages does your technology bring to companies in the sector?

Increased cross-border or inter-regional power transfer capacity allows wider distribution of cheaper electricity, typically from renewable energy sources. It can help manage emergencies and difficult operations during equipment outages, by allowing higher power transfers without causing damage to the power lines. A side benefit of in-field monitoring is the immediate detection of anomalies like excessive sagging, overheating, and blow out of the conductors.

3.- What are the main focus technologies for Ampacimon?

DLR, Partial Discharge and what we call mechanical faults of overhead lines: anomalies and statistics derived from vibration and tension measurements.

4.- Which one is the most innovative?

All Ampacimon products embed innovation: patented measurement techniques, AI/ML software, with capacity for third-party technology integration. We spend x% of our investments in R&D to stay at the forefront of innovation..

5.- Which one could be the most innovative in a few years?

Bridging the gap between fault detection and asset health could give birth to a fault anticipation and prevention platform.

6.- What are the current projects and the main one?

Currently our main hardware innovation project is in designing sensors to be live line installed by drone robots. The most exciting software innovation is in third-party data ingestion to improve analytics outcomes for fault cause identification and prevention.

7.- How does Ampacimon's technology contribute to the energy transition process?

DLR allows faster connection and integration of renewable energies. PDM allows efficient and effective preventive maintenance, ensuring that a healthy grid is available.

8.- Looking ahead, how do you see yourselves in a few years?

Main supplier of grid monitoring solutions in Europe, increase presence in North America and beginning to be recognized in Asia.

9.- On the other hand, what current problem does Ampacimon provide a solution to?

Wider distribution of cheaper electricity by boosting grid transfer capacity. Accelerating the connection of renewables, thereby addressing the very long connection queue. Remote monitoring and flagging of critical situations that are occurring more frequently, due to exposure to extreme weather and climate change.

10.- How do you work together with Elewit?

Elewit is a partner for product development and commercialization, especially for solutions that derive benefit through optimized operation, but without compromising power grid asset integrity.

11.- Finally, why do utilities choose Ampacimon's DLR solution?

Ease of use, maturity of solution and proven track-record. The fit and forget system consists of few components, simple setup logistics, and is maintenance free. With global operational experience of over a decade, full deployment and safe integration has been proven by multiple TSOs.

12.- In recent years we are seeing a transformation in the energy model, how do you assess this transformation?

Power grids are a key part of the transforming energy model, as much as the power generation, prosumer and storage are. It needs to transform together, so that the energy can continue to flow from production to consumption. New power grid infrastructure is needed, with embedded smartness to observe & control, which is where we see our future.

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Maite Furundarena Azqueta

Maite Furundarena Azqueta

Responsable de monitorización de líneas para España en Ampacimon