Artificial Intelligence, the key to SAGA’s efficiency

It is important to understand the role played in SAGA by certain technologies, the advanced solution for asset management in the electricity sector that has been developed by the TSOs REE and ELIA. Understanding how these technologies complement each other is the key to making the most of the potential that this tool offers the industry.

Among the many technologies that SAGA relies on, Artificial Intelligence is essential for supporting its knowledge management:

  • Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to reduce the time needed to process information. This technology enables various models to be created to express the state of the electrical assets: health, deterioration, risk, impact and likelihood of failure. This data is used to determine the current situation of the assets, which in turn enables the required maintenance work to be scheduled in response to their real conditions and not a rigid frequency.
  • Artificial Intelligence also determines the future condition of the assets. The technology makes it easier to make forecasts and implement predictive maintenance strategies that reduce the probability of asset failure, raising the availability of the grid.
  • Artificial Intelligence allows SAGA to plan asset management taking the current and future situation of all of them into account. SAGA also produces action plans to make optimal use of all the corporate resources available, maximising grid availability and the risk-benefit ratio by assigning priority to maintenance activities.

Machine Learning is a key aspect of Artificial Intelligence that ensures that smart systems continue to evolve. The application of Machine Learning techniques enables all this knowledge to be used to feed the models that calculate the present and future condition of the assets and the resulting plans.

Among other techniques, the knowledge management that SAGA provides makes use of expert systems for generating rules that improve and speed up business decisions from a holistic perspective. This holistic approach drives efficiency, lowering the unavailability ratio and overall risk across the grid. It applies Artificial Intelligence to improve coordination between the business units. This technological base and the holistic vision of the condition of the assets make SAGA an advanced, disruptive development that is essential for the efficient management of electrical assets and a key factor in the objectives that the Red Eléctrica Group has set for the ecological transition of the sector.

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