All the way from design to maintenance
ASUMO project
The ecological transition which our nation is going through involves challenges that require maximum efficiency in the whole life cycle of the grid assets needed to transport electricity, which implies reducing response times and resources used, both human and material.
ASUMO project

In order to properly face this challenge the Advanced Substation Monitoring Project called ASUMO was conceived, a cross-sectional initiative within Redeia that promotes the digitization and real-time management of substation assets, improving response times to incidents and significantly reducing the presence of personnel at the facilities.

Based on the application of technologies such as IOT, AI and data analytics, ASUMO aims to improve the procedures and activities related to maintenance, engineering and construction to optimize and automating the processes of infrastructure development of the electrical grid, as well as the management of assets in service.

What are ASUMO’S goals?

Enhancing data collection of critical variables associated with electrical substation assets and real-time images which, once processed using advanced data analysis tools and artificial intelligence, will calculate the status and condition of the assets and the electrical installation as a whole in real time, improving their availability and allowing forecasting of potential incidents.

Additionally, ASUMO aims to optimize the remote operation and maintenance of electrical assets by visualizing and processing images in real time, as well as creating a digital twin using systems which analyze the data and provide recommendations on preventive/corrective maintenance actions. This way, different notifications and alarms are obtained in real time, needed to avoid major affections on the assets of the transmission network.

This project is aligned with Redeia's firm commitment to support work safety and zero accidents. Its key objective is to improve the physical safety of employees in the activities that take place within electrical substations, both planned and corrective, using active monitoring elements.

ASUMO integrates the perspective of every area involved in the complete asset life cycle, from engineering to construction and maintenance.

Project Phases

The ASUMO project is divided into five phases:

  1. Definition of the areas involved: engineering, construction and maintenance of electrical substation assets.
  2. Technical analysis of the information needed by asset typology and state of the art of current technology, in order to define the asset monitoring strategy and specify the necessary activities to implement it.
  3. Identification of the critical variables per asset as well as their analysis and segregation for real-time management and degradation models.
  4. Data processing creating the required algorithms and alarm logics.
  5. Necessary developments for the integration of this new information flow in the corporate information systems, research for partners.

Project Scope

  • Primary switchgear and ancillary services sensorization in AIS/GIS installations.
  • Real-time automatic monitoring and management of precursor variables.
  • Data lake integration for later use in AI applications.
  • Digitization of assets, creation of digital twins and 3D modeling.
  • Real-time visualization of substation assets with fixed and mobile cameras using AGV (automatic guided vehicle).

The hardware sensors and their artificial intelligence apps integration will play a key role throughout the process, which will be subject to continuous planning and evaluation thanks to its different phases, allowing a more effective and efficient implementation of all asset monitoring improvements.

This project powered by Elewit, aims to improve efficiency, management and physical security in the different areas of application, through the implementation of monitoring technologies and tools, carrying out sustainable practices.