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Elewit adds Danish company OKTO GRID to its venture capital portfolio
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  • OKTO GRID is a company specialised in the digitalisation of electricity assets to boost the predictive maintenance of infrastructure.
  • The Danish company joins a portfolio that already includes Zeleros, CounterCraft, Nearby Computing, HESStec and Aerolaser.

Elewit, Redeia's technology platform, has added the Danish company OKTO GRID, which specialises in the digitalisation of electricity assets, to its corporate venture capital portfolio. Elewit's engagement with OKTO GRID, together with Rockstart and other investors, represents an important boost to the growth and internationalisation of this company, founded in 2019 and based in Copenhagen.

OKTO GRID has developed an IoT solution that enables electricity infrastructure managers to perform predictive maintenance of their infrastructure. Specifically, its product captures different types of data from assets, mainly transformers, and subsequently analyses such information using its algorithms to help detect possible anomalies.

OKTO GRID joins a portfolio that already includes Zeleros, CounterCraft, Nearby Computing, HESStec and Aerolaser, five companies that are leaders in the fields of sustainable mobility, cybersecurity, edge computing, energy storage and geospatial inspection. Elewit focuses on Seed and Series A rounds and engages with start-ups whose innovative solutions fit with its impact technology areas and contribute to the green transition and universal connectivity.

About Elewit

Elewit is Redeia's technology platform. It was conceived in 2019 with the purpose of offering solutions to the new challenges of the electricity and telecommunications sectors and has a fundamental goal: to drive connectivity and the energy transition to build a more sustainable future.

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