We are Elewit, the technology platform of the Red Eléctrica Group
We create innovative solutions to promote energy transition and connectivity. Our goal: to build a sustainable future.
We are Elewit, the technology platform of the Red Eléctrica Group
Our formula

Six key strategic areas to speed up change and six technologies to make it possible

Citizen-centric solutions
Electrification of society
Information transmission and accessibility
Renewable energy and flexible operation of the electricity system
Development and smart asset and process management
The Internet of Things
Satellites and new telecommunication technologies
Applied intelligence: AI and advanced analysis
Future platforms
Industry X.0
The Elewit ecosystem

We forge alliances with the best partners


  • Endeavor
  • IBM
  • BStartup
  • South Summit
    South Summit
  • HESStec
  • Startup Valencia
    Startup Valencia
  • NearbyComputing
  • Alchemy ML
    Alchemy ML
  • Engidi
  • Erudit.ai
  • Nexmachina
  • Orbital EOS
    Orbital EOS
  • Ping Things
    Ping Things
  • Recogn.ai
  • Synaptec
  • Innoenergy
  • Asociación Española de Capital, Crecimiento e Inversión
    Asociación Española de Capital, Crecimiento e Inversión
  • Fundación COTEC
    Fundación COTEC
  • Startup Olé
    Startup Olé

‘Well done on creating one of the most authentic innovation programmes in the power industry. We were impressed with the authentic and continuous engagement of REE and Elewit that led us to launch the pilot, which will have a high impact for our company’

Philip Orr, CEO Synaptec

‘The POC means validating a case with great potential to scale, an increase in our revenues for 2021 and a reputational gain. I think the venture client approach is a great way to connect corporates with startups with the goal of testing innovating solutions. The program works really great and we totally recommend it to other companies’

Juan Peña, CEO Orbital EOS

‘I'd highlight the support, transparency and nimbleness from the Elewit team, and specially the focus on the business cases from day one -even prior to get into the program-, besides the benefits, mentoring and support to grow our company, that have been key to develop our startup. As a program, it has overcome our expectations’

Daniel Vila, CEO Recognai

‘It's a program focused on the direct relationship with the corporation and clearly aimed to explore use cases, that have meant to use the possibility to test our technology and implement it. The best of the program is this relationship with all the businesses withing the Group and has met our expectations’

Gerard Fernández, CEO Engidi

‘It has meant to validate our technology and open a new business stream with a great new use case that can be replicate in the market, also meaning an increase in our annual revenues, and leading to new opportunities with other customers thanks to the visibility in the program. A great experienceat every level’

Fernando Presa, CEO Nexmachina

‘The revenues from the POC with Red Eléctrica mean an important part of our total revenues this year, and the visibility and reputation is also appreciated. The program is very well organized and every opportunity is of high quality. It has met all our previous expectations’

Marta Porroy, Co-founder Alchemy ML