Our formula

Nine key challenges to speed up change and nine key technologies to make it possible

Improve network development and asset management efficiency
Optimize system operation and increase reliability and flexibility of the grid
Increase sustainability of our processes and activities
Leverage opportunities for the TSO from new sector trends
Generate new services and business models around current assets
Enable connectivity everywhere
Increase employees safety and wellness
Optimization and automation of OT and IT security
Optimization of cross-functional activities and processes
Internet of Things
Satellite and 5G communications
Artificial Intelligence
Robotics and drones
Digital plaforms
Big Data and analytics
New equipment and materials for power transmission and grid management
Inmersive Technologies
The Elewit ecosystem

We forge alliances with the best partners


  • Endeavor
  • IBM
  • BStartup
  • South Summit
    South Summit
  • HESStec
  • Startup Valencia
    Startup Valencia
  • NearbyComputing
  • Alchemy ML
    Alchemy ML
  • Engidi
  • Erudit.ai
  • Nexmachina
  • Orbital EOS
    Orbital EOS
  • Ping Things
    Ping Things
  • Recogn.ai
  • Synaptec
  • Innoenergy
  • Asociación Española de Capital, Crecimiento e Inversión
    Asociación Española de Capital, Crecimiento e Inversión
  • Fundación COTEC
    Fundación COTEC
  • Startup Olé
    Startup Olé

“The program has exceeded our expectations. The approach was to add value and turn the collaboration into a proof of concept that would help us make a leap in quality. This has been achieved and is undoubtedly the best thing about the programme”

Norberto González, CEO of Sigma Rail

“Participating in the program proved to be a turning point for us, not only because of the potential involved in working with a corporation such as the Red Eléctrica Group, but also due to the possibilities that have opened up for us for the future within their companies”

Javier Sáez, CEO of Onirix

“We hope the pilot is the first step in a very long relationship. We see both Elewit and the Red Eléctrica Group as potential strategic partners for our positioning in Spain and LATAM and for the future growth of FlexiDAO”

Simone Accornero, CEO of FlexiDAO

“The program has propelled NeuroDigital to the next level, enabling the implementation and validation of our technology. Thanks to Elewit's confidence and initiative, NeuroDigital is experiencing unprecedented growth”

Luis Castillo, CEO of Neurodigital

‘It has meant to validate our technology and open a new business stream with a great new use case that can be replicate in the market, also meaning an increase in our annual revenues, and leading to new opportunities with other customers thanks to the visibility in the program. A great experienceat every level’

Fernando Presa, CEO Nexmachina

‘The revenues from the POC with Red Eléctrica mean an important part of our total revenues this year, and the visibility and reputation is also appreciated. The program is very well organized and every opportunity is of high quality. It has met all our previous expectations’

Marta Porroy, Co-founder Alchemy ML